Chet Hirani , MSc

Executive Performance Coach

I’m not like most coaches, and don’t compare myself to anyone. But I have experience, and I have the drive to make sure you get the best.

I’m driven by helping you reach your full potential personally and professionally, filling that emotional rocket fuel to go get what you desire.

I am a professionally trained performance coach by the top coaches in the world. That makes me want to keep the standard and quality and show you what I can give. It doesn’t stop I’ve a huge passion to keep up to date and learn in what I am good at. That could be from my clients, attending talks, the energy that comes from this is what you will get.

I have a few letters after my name (BSc, MSc). I’m also a trained teacher in Martial Arts. From the onset understanding and learning the art of being humble, true, and offering of tough love is what I give.

You get a coach a who has over 15 years corporate experience in Technology. Worked with Non Execs, Execs, C-Level and all other levels. So I have first hand experience in knowing what the pressures in these environments are like and just like you I have been there. 

You get a coach that learns from the best, I’m sure you have heard of the name Robbins. 

I will getting you charged up, showing you a direction that you would never have thought of going, and simply telling you how it is. Yes, I speak the truth, and provide the tough love needed. The language might not be clean, but who cares as long as you get the results – that’s all that matters right?

I believe you are capable of making the transformation and leading a fulfilling life. Why? Because I did the same. And I know how to. We will make new habits and you will practice them.

So what sets me apart? I’m confident in what I do, I don’t take sh!t, and I will keep you consistent, accountable and take you to the next level. I’m not arrogant, I’m just good at what I do – and that’s what you need.




Don't Think Take Action Now!

Reasons Why Clients Work With Me

The Accountability-Driven Transformation Coach

100% Results Orientated

Holding you accountable, consistent and wanting results.


We get sh!t done. It starts from Day 1, with a no nonsense approach.


Tough love because the only motivation is success and 100% focussed on your success.

Find out exactly how to become a leader of the future!

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