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"I've been on an incredible journey of growth and achievement with Executive Performance Coach, Chet Hirani. Thanks to his expert guidance, I conquered my fear of public speaking and gained confidence on stage. Chet's emphasis on accountability improved my professional and personal life, while his coaching elevated my work performance. His deep approach to personal and professional development makes him the top choice for transformative coaching. Highly recommend Chet for those seeking to excel."

Kevin Mendenko - VP of HR

"So what can I tell you about Chet? Besides that he's amazing, awesome. Always present and really understands your needs. A year ago I was afraid of everything and I didn't believe in myself. I didn't believe in my skills as a lawyer in my skills as an actress, in my skills as a script writer, and so on and so on. I didn't even show myself on social media. So have a chat with Chet and see for yourself."

Teresa Rocha - CEO

”Whoever wants to level up and take their personal development to the next level in this ever changing world - you’ll need support, guidance and strategies to reach new heights. No matter where you are in this journey of life, we all go through highs and lows; for me Chet has been a Grand Master coach and one of my secret weapons that has allowed me to thrive, even in moments of chaos. I HIGHLY recommend Chet to anyone who wants to achieve more, contribute more and become the person they were meant to be.“

Matt Cohen - Co-founder of Solospace

"Chet is a rock star coach, he delivers a level of professionalism and executes at such a high level. When I met Chet, I was in need of a boost both personally and professionally. After a few sessions with Chet, he pushed my belief in myself 300%, adding immediate value to my personal and professional brand. Chet is a leader in the coaching arena, and is especially great at mentoring large corporations largely in technology. As well as giving the right level of motivational dedication to Principals, CEO's, Leaders and Influencers. Chet is an asset in building any company's ROI; amazing trainer and builder of confidence."
Jacqueline Hudson ―CEO & Founder LUXE Digital Now Corp
"Chet is Not Your Ordinary Coach. I connected with him from the first day we spoke over the phone in last year. Since then we have built a great professional relationship, and he has supported and believed in my business from day one. It wasn’t just about the ROI in having him as my coach but also the ROE (Return On Experience). My business has been taken to the next level, and my overall performance and productivity has been taken to new heights. Chet knows how to connect with you without making you feel uncomfortable and is always going above and beyond. I recommend him because of his selflessness in coaching which is a gift."
Iyabo Bello - Founder iKook
"I've been working with Chet for over 6 months now, and I can honestly say it has been a great experience which still continues. Chet's coaching style is what is says, no-nonsense and results driven. He doesn't settle for anything but the best for my results, yet makes it an enjoyable experience. His daily support, really does set him apart from the rest. On a personal and professional level I noticed the difference almost immediately, which has energised me to continue and be the best version of me. I highly recommend Chet to anyone as their Performance Coach, you get more then just a coach with Chet, but also someone that is always by your side."
Katarzyna Ulfig - Property Solicitor
Chet Hirani is one of the most inspirational people I know. I am fortunate to work with him in our mission to break the mental health stigma and help others live to their true potential. His wisdom, relatability and passion exudes each time he speaks. He is honest and comes from a place of love. If you get a chance, work with Chet! He will change your life!"
Joel Relampagos - Executive Producer & Founder of Change Your Algorithm

“Chet mastered the art of seeing beyond the surface, unveiling remarkable insights that empowering you to reach your full potential. He has the ability to identify your most powerful gifts and turn your natural talents into performance.”

Alejandra Camberos - Founder of Alejandra Camberos Intl Communications